'Batman v Superman' Shooting Reveals More Easter Eggs

Batman v Superman, like Man of Steel, has been leaving deep-cut Easter eggs for fans in the film for big fans of both characters. The latest one is pretty obscure, but I do remember it.

Ralli’s Diner was an actual setting in a post-crisis Superman comic that saw Batman and the Joker cross over.

In the comic, Lex Luthor propositions a waitress for a hefty sum, showing his sociopath control issues and setting up as a disassociated villain. That version of Luthor is easily my favorite incarnation, being a white collar bad guy with ambition, instead of a purple mech suit designed to punch Superman. I hope that’s the kind of Lex we get. Keep in mind, also, that this issue featured the Joker as well…though I doubt they’d be willing to reboot him so soon after Heath Ledger’s death.


Luthor & Jenny

Eww, that car must smell so gross.

John Byrne’s take from the early Superman reboot in the mid-80’s defined the character for me. Jesse Eisenberg can play cold and detached, though obviously a younger take. If they stick to that kind of development, maybe the film has hope.


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