Gotham Gazette: Your Weekend Batman Round-up!

It’s Monday, Bat-fans! Here’s a look at some of the stories you may have missed over the weekend! Consider this your morning cup of Bat-coffee.

Crochet Newborn Batman Cape from Etsy

This tiny little crochet Batman cape is a photography prop being sold by PinkPoppiesStudio and is on sale for $38.00!


Car Chase Video from ‘Batman v Superman’

News and spy videos are coming out fast from the set of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Today a car chase scene was shot in Detroit and here’s a peek of the action.


Jena Malone on Set at ‘Batman v Superman’

Starlet Jena Malone of Hunger Games and Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch was spotted on the set of Batman v Superman in Detroit today.


Saturday’s ‘Batman v Superman’ Set Photo Round-up!

More crazy photos from Saturday’s filming!


Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne & Other ‘Batman v Superman’ Set Looks!

his whole weekend has seen a steady stream of such releases and today was a particularly revealing crop. We finally get to see better looks at Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne.


DC Addresses Release Date Change for Dawn of Justice

Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Labrecque had a discussion with Warner Bros President of domestic distribution Dan Fellman about the recent decision to change the opening day of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the announcement of several new untitled DC films through 2020. Here’s a brief look at what Fellman had to say about the announcements:


Never seen Poster for Tim Burton’s Batman

Thanks to Titan Books, we can exclusively share with you one of his designs from upcoming release, The Art of John Alvin, a book which collects his work, both seen and unseen. 


Harry Lennix: Some ‘Batman v Superman’ Rumors are True!

Harry Lennix, who plays General Swanwick (a not-so-subtle nod to Superman artist Curt Swan) did a recent interview in which he discusses his experience with landing the role. The really interesting part, however, is that he addresses the internet rumors aboutBatman v Superman. Surprisingly, he claims that many of them are true.

Enjoy your morning, Bat-fantatics!

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