Caped Crusades Review: New Suicide Squad #1 and Red Hood and The Outlaws #33

Well folks here are the reviews for New Suicide Squad issue #1 and Red Hood and The Outlaws issue #33, the last two comics from my big comic shopping trip!

New Suicide Squad #1 is written by Sean Ryan with art by Jeremy Roberts.

Love this new suicide series, fully intend to keep up with it every month! Don’t really like the Joker’s Daughter, for one thing it’s not Duela Dent, she would not have decided to wear the face of a man who looked very much like the Earth 2 (or 1 I’m not sure which one this is) version of her father back on Earth 3. She’s not that crazy. Also have to agree with what Neal Adams said when I interviewed him back in April at Wizard World St. Louis. I really don’t like that they took Joker’s face off. Having some crazed psycho girl wearing it is worse than Joker sewing or stapling it back on. Even with the bombs in their necks to force the squad to go on these missions, Waller and company should have made sure they were putting together a team of villians who could actually work well together, these personalities are so disperate. Although I guess that’s what makes it fun for readers.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #33 is written by Scott Lobdell and art by RB Silva.

This is the first time I’ve read anything with the Outlaws, and I gotta say that I like it. I see that Starfire is no longer a Teen Titan, speaking of which I want to start reading the newest Teen Titans comics. I really enjoy seeing Kory kick tail to free slaves, it kinda seems like the perfect calling for her after what she went through. I like the art but I’m not a fan of Aresenal’s current look, it’s just a little too redneck for me. Red Hood should have seen it coming when Dr. Langstrom turned into ManBat, he worked with Batman, do you really think Batman never told him about the Manbat?

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