Humorous "I'm Batman" supercut

This video may have been floating around the internet for awhile but I’ve only seen it for the first time today, and I thought it was funny enough to share here on Caped Crusades. The “I’m Batman” supercut was put together by

I have actually seen a fair number of these scenes while watching the shows they appear in. For example, I am a huge Supernatural fan and I adore the episode in which Dean declares “I’m Batman”. In context, he says this after throwing a pen at a man pointing a gun on him to jam the gun. In response his brother Sam, who is tied to a chair at the time replies “Yeah, you’re Batman. Now will you untie me?” with all due sarcasm.

I’ve also seen every episode of Community in which Abed dresses as Batman. And I really like Big Bang Theory and the episode Sheldon Copper declares himself Batman is one of my favorite.

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