Kevin Smith Dishes About New Batsuit. Again.

Kevin Smith is once again in the middle of Batman v Superman rumors and spoilers. After recently being accused of penning a fake shooting script toBniFJyFCAAIzY1g throw bloggers like us off the trailer of actual news, now he is talking about the new Batsuit. On his infamous podcast  Fatman on Batman, he and legendary Batman artist Neal Adams discussed a fan made (and personal favorite) Batman short film called Batman: Dead End. While breaking the film down, Smith commented on the materials used for the suit.

I’m telling you, that’s what they’re doing in this new movie Batman movie. It’s him in material. None of this body armor sh*t.

I gotta tell ya, from that photo Zack Snyder released, its sure doesn’t look like cloth.



Here’s the fan made short in question. Warning: it’s actually really awesome.

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