Creators of Gotham Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon Discuss Their History of Batman

IGN’s Eric Goldman recently got the chance  to sit down with Gotham executive producers Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller, and discuss their take on Batman’s personal history.

IGN TV: Batman has such a long history. Going into this, does that make it daunting, exciting or both that there’s been so many iterations of this character beforehand? Do you ultimately just have to say, “Well, this is our spin on it”?

Danny Cannon: Exactly. It was daunting at first, because you’re following three masterpieces. So I settled with the fact that — what we talked about when we first pitched this was, “20 years before Batman.” A world that’s starting to see a corrupt city rotting from the inside. It reminded us of New York in the late ’70s and early ’80s. That was our first meeting, and we kind of spring-boarded off of that. Luckily, that’s uncharted territory. Hopefully in the atmospherics of Gotham we created a romantic, gothic, Dickensian kind of world.

Bruno Heller: It’s the best work he’s ever done – [to Cannon] I hope you don’t find that offensive! — really, because that vision had been in his head that long. That’s the great thing about the material; it’s in everyone’s head. It’s the real mythic popular culture. So we’re really just tapping into a great stream of good stuff. So yeah, it’s daunting, but it’s also nothing but gold that dig you up when you get into it.

Cannon: Absolutely. It reminds me of a band like The Rolling Stones. Should you never play their songs? That’s the world to me. It’s that rich. If it were music, it’d be The Rolling Stones. It would be The Beatles. It’s that great a franchise. I just hope we play their songs well.

Read the full article on IGN, written by Eric Goldman, here. This interview is pretty cool, I can’t wait to see what Bruno and Danny do with Bruce’s story on Gotham. We pretty much never get a close up or in-depth look at the years between the deaths of his parents and when he comes back to Gotham to start his crime fighting career. We have gotten glimpses of his years of training around the world, but I don’t think we have ever seen the years when Alfred was raising him before he set off for parts unknown. Knowing how critical I can be about the things I am passionate about, don’t be surprised to see a rant from yours truly when something in an episode seems wrong to me. Like the fact that young Poison Ivy isn’t Pamela Isley as she should be.

On the whole, I am cautiously excited to see this show and hope it’s as fantastic as it so far seems to be. I’m glad to see that Heller and Cannon understand how huge and important this franchise is and how serious they take their jobs when adding to the amazing universe of Batman.

Premiering this Fall on Fox, Gotham will screen at the San Diego Comic Con this July 26th!

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