Scribe Peter Peter Tomasi Talks Batman and Robin

Long time DC editor and current writer for Batman and Robin, Peter Tomasi recently sat down with Man Cave Daily about the life and death of Damien Wayne and his vision of the Bat-universe.

I’ve always wanted to try to do it but I haven’t had an opportunity yet…in my head when I write the book, Gotham to me has more pros than cons, and Batman is just keeping back that darkness from encroaching on it. There’s a lot of hope there. Because if there wasn’t, there’s no reason for Batman to keep fighting a never-ending battle of complete darkness and loss.

MCD: We’ll leave it to the internet to draw Batman as a Blue Lantern. I heard someone say once that each Robin is an aspect of Batman: Dick Grayson is an athlete, Jason Todd is a fighter, Tim Drake is a detective…what would you say Damian Wayne represents of Bruce Wayne?

In the end, I think Damian is everything. He incorporates every aspect of Bruce Wayne’s personality. All the things that all those other Robins are is wrapped up in Damian himself. He’s a smorgasbord of all the Robins. And the #0 issue even showed how while he was training–everything form military tactics to science to literature to music–he was taught all of it by his mother. He’s a renaissance kid in a way. You imagine someone like Bruce Wayne growing up was given as many opportunities as possible. And in a weird way, Talia gave those same things to Damian–a sick, perverted way.


For more of the interview, you can check it out here.

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