Tim Sale Interview with DC All Access!

Check out this great little interview between Tim Sale and DC All Access in this bonus clip I found on DCcomics.com:

In this exclusive clip from DC All Access, Blair talks to iconic Batman artist Tim Sale about his work on Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman’s landmark 75th anniversary.

See the original post here at dccomics.com. As you can see the interview wasn’t very long, but boy was it cool. Personally my favorite type of Batman story is a detective story, something we sadly haven’t really seen in the movies. Batman at his most basic is a detective, take away all his gadgets and his money and he can still solve crime, hell take away his physical attributes and the man is still a genius. I like stories like Dark Victory and The Long Halloween because I love seeing Batman work out a puzzle/solve a mystery even more than I love watching him kick butt!

After seeing this little interview all I want to do is go back and re-read both of Tim Sales’ comic series, which of course are now even easier to read in graphic novel form (meaning they are not only biblical in importance but now in size as well).

I subscribe to DC All Access and so should you, but if you miss an episode I am going to start a series of posts recapping all the Batman news from DC All Access on a weekly basis!

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