Gal Gadot's busy "WONDERful" Week is reporting on ‘Batman vs. Superman’s Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, teasing a busy week working on ‘Batman vs. Superman’

Gal Gadot has quite the week ahead of her, she just posted the following message on her Facebook account — “Busy busy week… Let’s have a WONDERful week everyone! xoxo :)”

See all of the article, written by Chris Begley, here. Caped Crusades’ Skip Harvey just posted an article about Zack Snyder’s recent tweet teasing the new Batmobile for ‘Batman vs. Superman’. It looks like things are really starting to rev up for ‘Batman vs. Superman’, very exciting stuff!

At the moment I find myself on the fence, I want to be excited about ‘Batman vs. Superman’ and the Batmobile does look like it might be awesome, but I wasn’t impressed with ‘Man of Steel’. I just have to hope that ‘Batman vs. Superman’ turns out a lot better then ‘Man of Steel’.

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