Old Photos of Caped Crusades' Co-editor Amanda Chrisman

SCAN0005 (2)Hey fellow Batfans, found a couple of photos of myself and thought I would share them with Caped Crusades. The photo above is of myself at age 20 with my husband not long after we got engaged. My family has named the photo ‘Two Dorks in Love’. Eric (my husband) is wearing a Mario Tanooki sweatshirt, notice the ears.

SCAN0004 (3)This second photo on the right is me in preschool roughly age 5 as a long haired blonde Batman on Halloween. I refused to be Batgirl and insisted on being Batman, but mom wouldn’t let me cut my hair for a Halloween costume. As a little girl I wanted to be Batman when I grew up, and instead of telling me that I couldn’t be Batman because he was fictional, my family told me I couldn’t be Batman because I was a girl! Well I just wouldn’t take no for an answer and so my mom made me the costume you see here.

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