Batman Trivia: Tim Drake and Jason Todd

Welcome fellow Batman fans, to yet another Batman Trivia of the Day! Today we will answer the question of Batman Trivia #36 and today’s question will be about Jason Todd, specifically Pre-Crisis Jason Todd. In the last Batman Trivia of the Day I asked who voiced Tim Drake in Batman TAS and who voiced him in Batman: Arkham City. In Batman TAS Tim Drake was voiced by Mathew Valencia, and as Thomas Formoso said in the comments of Batman Trivia #36, Troy Baker voiced Tim in Batman: Arkham City.

Jason Todd

cosplay of Jason Todd, photo by Amanda Chrisman

We all know the character of Jason Todd, but did you know that the little delinquent Batman caught trying to steal the tires off the Batmobile the first time is actually the second incarnation of Jason? Who created the original Jason Todd? Who recreated the Jason we know and love today? Bonus points if you know which comic issues each incarnation of Jason first appeared.

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