Batman Fanart: Riddle Me This

Welcome Batfans, to another Batman Fanart of the Week! This week’s piece is based on a fanfic on AO3 titled Riddle Me This! The artist is one Astrid Vohwinkel. Without even showing Batman’s face we can see that Astrid has captured his character perfectly in this drawing. Batman is of course in his element, standing on a gargoyle at night.

You can see more art from Astrid Vohwinkel at and I liked this art so much it prompted me to read the fanfiction it was based on. The house Batman is looking at is a fictional mansion called Clairmont Estate an east coast version of the Winchester Mystery house, featured in the fanfiction this art is based on, Riddle Me This. I love the Gothic style of this drawing, it’s very appropriate for Batman fanart. I want to thank  Astrid Vohwinkel for allowing me to share her art with my readers here on Caped Crusades.

We want to hear from you! What do you think of this Riddle Me This Fanart? Tell us in the comments, we can pass on any remarks you have to the artist. Have Batman Fanart you would like to see featured here on Caped Crusades? Leave us a message in the comments. Want more Batman? Subscribe to the newsletter; download the Fansided app for more Batman news! Don’t forget to like Caped Crusades on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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