Batman Fanfic: Tender Loving Bats

Welcome to another Batman Fanfic of the Week! This week I bring you a short heartwarming story of the Bat-family pampering Alfred, called Tender Loving Bats by AO3 member FleetSparrow. Here is short blurb from Tender Loving Bats:

It hadn’t surprised anyone that Scarecrow had released his toxin throughout the Gotham subway system. Really, it had always seemed like some sort of “next goal” for him, that level of mass-hysteria he could cause by terrorizing hundreds at once in closed spaces. What had surprised them was that the gasses released would make their way through the tunnels and up into the Batcave. While the rest of them were out with the antidote trying to contain the panic, Alfred had been alone in the Cave.

It had started slowly, a small knot of worry low in his stomach that wouldn’t leave no matter how many times he assured himself that the children were all fine and could handle themselves. A few moments later, it had escalated to a mild paranoia. The sounds of the bats fleeing the Cave seemed frightening, and every slight movement of shadow made him jump. There was no antidote left in the Cave, and even if there had been, by the time he realized what was happening, the fear toxin was far too strong. When the Bats returned, they found Alfred sprawled beneath Jason’s memorial case, unconscious and twitching.

You can read Tender Loving Bats on Archive of Our Own, here. It was the title of this story that drew me to read it, I couldn’t pass up a story called Tender Loving Bats. I love sweet stories of the Bat-family acting like, well a family. Although I love bad-ass Batman, my favorite side of Batman is his family oriented side. I think families like Batman’s, made up of people who have collectively decided to be a family, can be the strongest and most loving and caring of all families. Under normal circumstances you can’t pick your family, you’re just stuck with the one you were born into; but in a case where you have just adopted people as your family they mean a whole lot more to you because you chose them and they chose you.

I want to thank FleetSparrow for allowing me to share this cute story with my Caped Crusades readers.

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