WonderCon Rumor: Will Batman Arkham Knight be delayed to 2015?

All of us Batman fans are excited for the final Rocksteady Batman video game Batman: Arkham Knight coming out later this year, but now there is a rumor that it has been delayed until 2015. Gamesided.com, another website in the Fansided network, has found a report on bleedingcool.com about a  DC All Access panel at WonderCon in Anaheim:

The audience  was also shown a trailer for the next Arkham game, featuring the voiceover by Thomas Wayne of his “last will and testament” . He asks that Bruce “honors the Wayne family legacy” and urges him to “commit yourself to the improvement of gotham city”. There were some humorous moments, like when Thomas advises Bruce“do not be frivolous”, and don’t waste money on “fast cars”, and a destructive lifestyle while images of the Batmobile and car chases were being shown. The trailer featured a prominent role for Two-Face and plenty of car chase scenes, ending in a fiery exploding bat symbol.  This is no longer as 2014 project, they reminded the audience, but a 2015 project.

You can read the full bleedingcool.com article here, and the Gamesided.com article here. We here at the Fansided network want to bring you all the news you want and to that end the editor of Gamesided.com Daniel George has contacted the PR for Batman: Arkham Knight to confirm or deny this rumor and we will have that information up for you as soon as it is made available to us. So don’t forget to check Caped Crusades to find out if this rumor is true.

I really don’t want Batman: Arkham Knight to be delayed, I’m itching to get my hands on it! Though I suppose with the problems some people experienced with Arkham Origins maybe it is best to delay the game so we get a more polished finished product.

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