Batman Fanart of the Week

It’s finally time for another Batman Fanart of the Week! This week’s art is a moving image of Bruce Wayne sitting with the cowl removed and his head bowed. This piece, drawn by Marc Ouellette, is simply titled Batman. Bruce looks so sad and beat down in this drawing, a rare moment of weakness we hardly ever see. I absolutely love this piece, it reminds me that Batman is human, that sometimes the weight of all he is, of all his responsibility is too much even for him.

You can see more of Marc Ouellette’s work at Many people wonder which man is the real man and which is the mask. Which personality is the real man? Bruce Wayne? Or Batman? My personal opinion is that there are three personalities, Batman, Brucie, and Bruce. Batman is who the man becomes to fight crime. Brucie is the man he pretends to be for the public, who he thinks he might have become had his parents lived. Bruce is the real man, the one we see as Dr. Travis Langley describes in his book Batman and Psychology a Dark and Stormy Knight “in the Batcave at the Batcomputer, cowl and gloves off, drinking coffee and talking to Alfred and Robin”. I think we are looking at Bruce here, the man behind both the mask of Batman, and the mask of Brucie the billionaire playboy. This is definitely one of my very favorite pieces of Batman fanart, it just pulls at my heart strings whenever I see it. I want to thank Marc Ouellette for allowing me to share his art with my Caped Crusades readers.

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