Batman Vs Superman/Captain America 3 Showdown Not What it Seems

Three weeks ago I reported that Warner Brothers was moving the release date of Batman Vs Superman up one week in at least one international market so as not to directly compete with Marvel’s recently announced Captain America 3.  Now it looks like there’s more to this than rumor. According to Batman/Superman is purportedly scheduled for release on April 29th, 2016, exactly one week before it hits screens in the US. Batman vs Superman

What exactly does this mean? Well, if this nugget of info and my previous article are true, then WB is following the trend of leaning on international ticket sales for the bulk of its earnings. Take Pacific Rim for example. US audiences didn’t seem to embrace Guillermo del Toro’s live-action anime, bringing in only a paultry $101, 802, 906 here at home.

Outside the States it raked in $309,200,000.

So, while it seems DC and Marvel are headed for an illogical, but highly publicized collision here in the US, they appear to following conventional thinking elsewhere. And, quite frankly, that’s where the money is.


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