Ben Affleck Will Have "Real-Life Superhero Look"!

Ben Affleck’s personal trainer, Rehan Jalali, recently took to Twitter to talk about whipping Bat-fleck into shape for Batman Vs Superman.

Yes Batman I will make sure you are bigger and more ripped than ever!

— Rehan Jalali (@SixPackDietPlan) February 21, 2014

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@LeonidasLegend Big muscular yet lean and good body symmetry! Going for the Real-life superhero look! #RJfit

— Rehan Jalali (@SixPackDietPlan) April 1, 2014

Update: Batman is getting Large! He’s working very hard!#Dedication#Excited#DarkKnight#BatFleck#TheSixPackDietPlan

— Rehan Jalali (@SixPackDietPlan) April 2, 2014

Well, I can’t say I disagree with the result. Let’s be honest: Ben Affleck isn’t a spring chicken any more. Even though he’ll be under a lot of costume, I’m sure we’d know the difference.

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