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Bizarre Bat-story of the Week: Bane Cat!

Every once in awhile we at Caped Crusades come across a Batman story that is truly bizarre. Like that thong thief Skip wrote about awhile back. Well today’s story isn’t about a thief in nothing but a thong but it is bizarre. I found this story on, where apparently they found Bane disappointing in The Dark Knight Rises, and felt that if Bane were an overweight cat he would be far more intimidating. Yes its Bane Cat starring Peanut the cat, Spike the dog, and their owner.

For all the hype around him, the arch-terrorist Bane from The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t all that intimidating—a fur-coated, mealy-mouthed, half-baked philosopher. You know what would have been really scary? If, instead of Tom Hardy, Bane had been played by a cat.

Laugh if you want to. But somehow, Bane’s creepiest lines elicit an otherworldly chill when spoken by an overweight cat in a ventilator mask. “I was wondering which would break first,” he wryly intones over shards of shattered dinnerware. “Your precious armory,” he says, having discovered the stash of cat toys atop the fridge. “Gratefully accepted.”


You can see Peanut as Bane Cat in the video below.

I own a few cats myself and I gotta say, I have never seen a cat tolerate clothes so well. Cats hate being forced to wear clothes and will do anything to get out of them. It’s a cute little video even if the story is a little bizarre. It’s not quite as out there as the thong thief but how often are you really going to come across a story that strange? I have to wonder where the idea for this video came from? Was Peanuts owner watching The Dark Knight Rises while his cat was being mischievous and a light-bulb went off? Maybe one of Bane’s lines just really seemed perfect for a situation the cat got himself into.

One of my cats is a black cat named Batman, maybe my cat can act as Bane Cat’s nemesis and we can have an epic Cat Batman movie.

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