Art by Gabriella Datterati

Batman Fanart of the Week: BatBrats

It’s time for another Batman Fanart of the Week! This week’s art is a cute piece done by member Gabriella Datterati called BatBrats. This is what she wrote about BatBrats:

Bat brats about to watch a movie.

I love the Bat family. I wish they had dinner one of these days. That would make Alfred happy. And everybody wants to make Alfred happy.

I don’t know if Jason’s eyes are green or blue. They are green in UtRH, but I think they are blue in the comics?

From left to right: Jason Todd, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon.

Bruce is making more popcorn while Alfred watches him so he doesn’t set his kitchen on fire.

Ms. Datterati has quite a talent and has done many cute drawings and paintings of the Bat-family. I love the way she captures each personality, I imagine it must have been Dick and Babs working together to bring all the kids together to watch a movie, poor Damian and Tim, forced to sit next to each other on the couch. You can see more of Gabriella’s art here. I am a big fan of Gabriella Datterati and you will likely see plenty more of her art here on Caped Crusades. I love to see Batman’s kids interacting like a typical family. Babs and Dick are great older siblings though they are looking less like siblings here and more like a couple.

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