Batman Trivia: Maxie Zeus and Scarecrow

It’s time for another Batman Trivia. Yesterday’s trivia was about the D-list Batman villain Maxie Zeus the crazy millionaire who thinks he is the re-incarnated Greek God Zeus. The question was who voiced Maxie Zeus in  Batman TAS and when did his debut episode ‘Fire From Olympus’ air? Maxie Zeus was voiced by Steve Susskind in ‘Fire From Olympus’ which aired May 23 1993.

With all the buzz about Batman: Arkham Knight, I thought it would be appropriate to theme some Batman trivia around the ‘main villain’ in Arkham Knight, the Scarecrow. Who voiced Scarecrow in Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City? is the same voice actor playing him again in Arkham Knight? Bonus points if you can name the comic issue that Scarecrow first appeared in.

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