DC All Access on 'Son of Batman'

DC All Access gives us a peak at ‘Son of Batman’ and talks with Jason O’mara voice of ‘Batman in Son of Batman’ and in ‘Justice League War’. See the clip and interview below.

Jason O’mara did a decent of voicing Batman in Justice League War, though I’m still partial to Kevin Conroy. I realize that Kevin Conroy can’t voice Batman forever and I’m glad we have a half-way decent person to voice the greatest superhero.

I’m really excited to see Damian Wayne’s first film appearance. With any luck we will start seeing a lot more of Damian in future animated films now that all DC animated films will be part of one consistent universe. I just love the clip we see here in this video, clearly some of the first few moments of Damian and his father together. Damien asking to drive just reminds me of this scene in the comics where Damian as Robin jumps behind the wheel of the Batmobile and Jim Gordon says “been driving long?” “since I was eight” “oh good”.

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