Batman Trivia: D-List Batman Villains

It’s Batman Trivia time once again. Batman Trivia is all about D-list Batman villains right now and in the last Batman Trivia I asked if you knew the real name of the Phantasm in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Bruce Wayne’s ex-fiancee in the film Andrea Beaumont was the person behind the Mask of the Phantasm, she felt she needed to get revenge on a group of criminals that hurt her father and ruined her life and her chance to marry Bruce. Keep in mind I haven’t seen Mask of the Phantasm since I was a little girl so I might have gotten some of those details wrong.

I like the D-list Batman villain theme for trivia of the day so today’s trivia question will be about Maxie Zeus. Who voiced Maxie Zeus in Batman TAS? When did his debut episode ‘Fire From Olympus’ air? 

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