Licensed 1989 Batmobile Replica for Sale!

I just found this awesome website for a magazine called Batman Automobilia and they have a very enticing deal going on right now. For $4.95 you can subscribe to the magazine and will be sent a collectors guide magazine to accompany your very own die-cast, hand painted 1989 Batmobile from the Tim Burton Batman movie. After that you get two Batmobile replica’s a month with a collectors magazine for $19.95 each.

These Batmobiles look pretty sweet, I wouldn’t mind starting a collection of them to go with my Batman action figure collection. There is also a great collectors club where they will send you free gifts to go with you subscription, with the 6th shipment from them you get a full size Gotham City license plate, with the 10th a limited edition Batmobile, with the 16th you get a free Batwing for your collection. Go to to subscribe now and start collecting amazing Batmobile replicas!

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