Batman Trivia: Ivy and Harley Part 2

It’s time for another Batman Trivia of the Day! Yesterday’s trivia was about both Ivy and Harley, where I asked what episode of Batman The Animated Series did Poison Ivy first appear in? What episodes did Ivy and Harley each have their first appearance in the animated show The Batman, and what comic did these Gotham Girls first meet in? Poison Ivy first appeared in ‘Pretty Poison’ which aired Sept. 14 1992. In the animated series The Batman Pamela Isley appears in Batgirl Begins: Part 1 and she becomes Poison Ivy in Batgirl Begins: Part 2. Harley Quinn first appears in The Batman episode Two of a Kind. Please correct me in the comments if I am wrong but I believe Ivy and Harley first came together in Elseworlds’ Batman: Thrillkiller ’62.

Today’s question is a little more obscure. What is the name of the D-list Batman villain who heals from fatal injuries, and to punish the murderer Batman blasts him into space? Quite a cruel punishment when you think about it, since this villain would be dying and coming back every few minutes eternally.

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