Poster art by Paul Sizer

Batman Fanart: Steampunk Batman Second Edition

Batman Fanart of the Week is coming to you a little early this week. I’ve found another Steampunk Batman fanart to share with Caped Crusades, this time done by member Paul Sizer. This particular Steampunk rendition of the Dark Knight is done as a poster and was a challenge idea on deviantart, This is what the artist has said about the poster he did and the contest itself:

UPDATE: WooHoo! Daily Deviation! Hot Dog! and Thanks!
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Note: For all those requesting this as a print; Since it includes a character that I do not own the copyrights to, I cannot offer this as a print for profit. Sorry.

This weekend’s REMAKE challenge from Warren Ellis was a hum-dinger, and it’s already way beyond awesome.
Here’s his challenge brief”

“Now then. Pay attention:

Immerse yourself in the era of Steampunk, and the coal-fired industrial nightmare of Gotham, where is set the popular silent films concerning The Batman. Or even The Bat-Man, if you prefer.

There have been several such moving pictures to date, with titles like


and the like.

Your task is to design a poster, suitable for placement outside a cinematheque or other theatre, regarding one of these films. There are several in the series I have not mentioned, and you are of course free to make those up. I mean, use them wisely.

You have one week. Commence.”

That’s all I needed to hear. Enjoy.
If you haven’t already, you NEED to go over and see ALL the brilliant entries that have been pouring in. It’s simply amazing!

Paul has quoted the original challenge here as well, to explain where this art piece is coming from. I think Paul has done quite a good job with his poster. I like the way he captured the feel of steampunk, this poster looks like it came right off the side of a building in a steampunk film. If a steampunk Batman film, animated or live action, were made, I would expect to see this exact poster everywhere in the film! You should definitely check out Paul Sizer’s website, and you can see more of his work here on Paul’s Bat-Man is less like Batman in steampunk era, and more like a steampunk person becoming a Bat-Man. Its hard to explain but the other steampunk fanart we have had was like Batman went back in time and had to adapt with steampunk technology, and Paul Sizer’s Bat-Man was someone in the Victorian Era who became Bat-Man. It’s very cool, and I’m excited to share it with my Caped Crusades readers. Remember to check Caped Crusades every week for more Batman Fanart, and for all your Batman news!

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