Harley Quinn is on Batman Trivia of the Day!

Batman Trivia of the Day time already? It sure is! Yesterday’s questions were all about Harley Quinn my favorite Gotham Girl, who recently had a little cameo in the CW television show Arrow. Harley Quinn’s first episode of Batman TAS ( and also her world debut) was Joker’s Favor which aired September 11 1992. Quinn’s first encounter with Poison Ivy was in Harley and Ivy which aired January 18 1993.

Today I’m going to ask another trivia question about both Harley Quinn and  Poison Ivy. I want to see if any of our readers know what episode of Batman TAS did Poison Ivy first appear in? What was each Gotham girl’s first appearance in The Batman? Bonus points if you know what comic issue these BFF’s first met in!

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