'Captain America' cast trash talks 'Superman vs. Batman'

I’m sure you’re all aware that ‘Superman vs. Batman’ is set to butt heads with ‘Captain America 3′ on May 6th 2016, and DC has been a little concerned about that, understandably. Well now Batman-News.com‘s Chris Begley is reporting that the cast of ‘Captain America’ is talking smack about their competition. In all fairness Marvel did have that date set first, and DC probably should have chosen another date. In fact I hope they DO move the date so they can do as well at the box offices as they deserve to do. The ‘Captain America’ cast is clearly just having fun, and no real offense is meant by what they have to say, you can see the video of the panel where they were asked to discuss ‘Superman vs. Batman’ below.

Of course Samuel L Jackson is wrong in his assessment that Marvel has heroes and DC has interesting bad guys. Marvel has Spiderman and B-list heroes, while DC has Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and a host of great supporting heroes! DC could do a better job with heroes like Wonder Woman of course but she is still bigger than any of the heroes in the Avengers. When I first heard that both movies would be coming out the same day I decided to see both in a double feature, starting with ‘Superman vs. Batman’ naturally. I am now rethinking that decision and may not see ‘Captain America’ at all opening weekend, just as a little personal boycott of the show. I don’t expect them to back down from the confrontation but they don’t need to smack talk my man! All kidding aside I’m sure both movies will be awesome and if they both hit theaters the same day I encourage all comic fans to do a double feature and support both!

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  • Jacob Nelson

    Isn’t your supposition of Marvel “having Spider-Man and a bunch of B-list heroes” while DC has a much better cast of heroes displaying the same negativity and narrow mindedness as the crew of Cap? Besides, I agree more with Sam. A good Wonder Woman movie? They have a difficult enough time making a good WW story of any quality. Pair that with their unending incompetence in movie making… This could be a long drawn out discussion, but I just wanted to say “I disagree”, with all civility and niceness.

    • amandachrisman

      Admittedly that was quite the knee jerk reaction, my first thought was to defend Batman, even though I too have my doubts about ‘Batman vs Superman’ since it has almost the same creative (and I use that term loosely) team as ‘Man of Steel’. As far as my negativity and narrow mindedness, I am a fan and this is a fan site,so I can air my opinion and my opinion of Marvel stands. Thank you for the criticism, I do appreciate it, though I disagree with you on DC’s unending incompetence in movie making, I really enjoyed Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and their animate films are awesome, though why they can’t put together an awesome feature length animated movie and release it in theaters is beyond me.