Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

Gotham Set Photos of Wayne Family and Selina Kyle

Selina Kyle

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

Yesterday we got our first look at Warner Bros. Television’s promotional photo of Harvey Bullock from Gotham and today there are more on set photos available, this time of the Wayne family and young Selina Kyle. The first promotional photo of Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle has also been released.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

From the looks of the set photos I saw Chris Begley post on the Thomas and Martha are likely to be murdered in the first episode or so of the show. That is pretty much what I expected of the show, after all it is how most Batman movies and such start.

I was already really looking forward to seeing Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle on Gotham, and now that I see her on set and in costume I just can’t wait! she really does look like a young Catwoman, she could be Michelle Pfeiffer’s little sister, or niece. I’m also feeling a little better about David Mazouz as little Bruce Wayne, now that I’ve seen photos of him in the role on set. they have tamed his hair and made it look more like what I would expect Bruce’s hair to look, and he now looks a bit closer to the young man who played little Bruce in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, Gus Lewis. He wasn’t perfect in the role either but then again there has never been a perfect adult actor for the role of Bruce/Batman either.

To the right is the promo photo Warner Bros. Television has released of Camren as Selina, it looks great, just as I expected it would. There should be more promo photos coming soon so stay tuned with Caped Crusades to see them!

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