Sefton Hill talks Batmobile Game-play

As you may know, Game Informer is dedicating the entire month of March to bringing us fans tons of information about Batman: Arkham Knight. Today Game Informer reporter Ben Hanson has written an article about fresh game-play we can expect to see in Arkham Knight and included a video interview with Sefton Hill on the Batmobile game-play.

I love how passionate about and dedicated to bringing the Batmobile to life in the game Sefton is, I know I can trust the team at Rocksteady to bring me an excellent gaming experience of the Batmobile, be clearly they are just as much Batman fans, and Arkham game fans as we are. It is amazing what Rocksteady is accomplishing in Arkham Knight with such a relatively small creative team; I think there are about 100 people working on Batman: Arkham Knight.

I know you’re all excited to hear more about Batman: Arkham Knight, and we here at Caped Crusades are ready to bring you all the info we can, so check back with us daily for more on Arkham Knight and all your Batman news!

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