Batman Fanfic: 'Sunshine and Daisies'

It’s time for another Batman Fanfic of the week. I thought it would be nice to feature a longer story this week after last week’s short fic ‘Gag Gift’. And so today I bring you ‘Sunshine and Daisies’ by Archive of Our Own member Heartslogos. The summary is short and ambiguous but it intrigued me and drew me in.

   “This is the fortieth time.” Jason says, “Just to point that out. I’m not complaining, or anything.”

I think ‘Sunshine and Daisies is very cute, and you can read the story here. Heartslogos has written a humorous story starring Tim Drake and Jason Todd and featuring Bruce Wayne as well. You may think that the characters seem a little OOC (out of character) as the fanfiction community would say, but the story is well written and I personally think Heartslogos has captured a side of the characters that most fangirls love and crave to see.

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