'Superman vs. Batman' to Film in Illinois this May?

Greetings readers, I’ve got more news to share about the ‘Man of Steel sequel’! It looks like Superman may go home to the Kent farm in ‘Superman vs. Batman’. Apparently the set for the farm was rebuilt late last year and now the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Zack Snyder and crew will be filming in Yorkville Il. mid May of this spring.  You can check out photos of the Kent farm being rebuit on Batman-News.com here. The movie’s costume designer Michael Wilkinson and Zack Snyder both have hinted at an April start date for shooting of the film, most likely in Detroit according to an interview with Mr. Wilkinson. You can see the Chicago Tribune article written by Luis Gomez here.

I would actually like to see Batman show up on the Kent farm. I see a scenario in which Bruce/Batman is investigating Superman, just as Lois did in ‘Man of Steel’. Batman has always been able to identify the big blue boyscout as Clark Kent and I see no reason why he wouldn’t figure it out in ‘Superman vs. Batman’. Bruce is so charming that I think he could talk Martha Kent into spilling the beans without her getting very defensive. I’ve also just always wanted to see my favorite city rich boy on a farm. It’s one of the few places he could look out of place, and I want to see him turn on the old Bruce Wayne charm and fit right in! With any luck we will be getting our first look at on set photos even before the May filming in Yorkville, as the film should start shooting in April. Be sure to check back here at Caped Crusades for any updates on ‘Superman vs. Batman’.

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