Rumor: Superman to appear in Batman: Arkham Knight

Looks like there is a new rumor about Batman: Arkham Knight floating around the internet. According to a Facebook page Batman Notes, it is possible we will be seeing DC’s big blue boyscout in Rocksteady’s final Batman title. The same post on Batman Notes also hinted at the possibility of a Rocksteady Justice League game. The article that prompted this post on Batman Notes is from and can be found here. The article was written by an anonymous staff writer, who had this to say about Superman in Arkham Knight:

In the rumors, Superman will stop by at Gotham City and he will ask Batman if he could help out. Batman will reject Superman’s offer (either in an annoyed “I don’t need help” tone or it will be a simple and politce refusal) and either way, Superman will leave and he won’t be seen in the game again.

It seems that there may be an Easter egg in Arkham Knight revealing that the Justice League exists in the ‘Arkham’ game world in the form of radio messages. According to Batman will be able to hear reporters talking about various Justice League members or deeds via radio, the same way he listens in to police bulletins and criminals talking over the radio.

While I’m not a fan of Superman, Batman will always be far superior in my book, I am excited about the possibility of a Justice League game from Rocksteady. Maybe we will be getting a bit more Batman game play from Rocksteady after all. For what Justice League title would be complete without Batman?

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