Hush Batman and Catwoman Kiss Statue

Hush Batman and Catwoman Kiss

Greetings fellow Batman fans! While perusing for more Batman news to bring to the readers here on Caped Crusades I found an awesome Hush Batman and Catwoman kiss statue for sale on Here is the overview of the statue direct from the site.

The Dark Knight and the Feline Fatale steal a kiss in the romantically posed statue ripped from the pages of the graphic novel, Batman: Hush, penciled by Jim Lee. Intricately sculpted by Tim Bruckner and standing approximately 11″, this collectible has a limited run of 2500.

Hush_BM_CW_Kiss For $249.95 American this iconic statue can be yours! Click the link here to purchase it. Its a limited edition collectible so I’m sure it’ll be going fast. This statue is beautifully rendered and very cool, it definitely goes on my ‘to purchase’ list. Since becoming co-editor of Caped Crusades my list of must have Batman merchandise has grown dramatically, I don’t know that I will ever be able to afford it all, but I can dream. I loved the Batman: Hush story line, in fact, as I may have mentioned at some point before, I own the whole Batman: Hush story line in its original comic form, before the graphic novel. I would love to own this statue and put it in a shadow box with my Batman: Hush comics.

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment and tell us what you think of this cool statue, and if you plan to buy it. Know of any awesome or bizarre Batman merchandise? Let us know and you could see it featured here on Caped Crusades! Want more Batman? Subscribe to the newsletter; download the Fansided app for more Batman news!


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