Cool Batman Swag on Sale From DC! has a super-rad replica Batman Utility Belt available for pre-order! Featuring vegan-friendly faux-leather pouches and a shiny gold buckle, This is a MUST HAVE for hardcore Batman Fanboys everywhere. The only hitch? The belt rings in at $299.95. 

If that hefty price is manageable to you, then you’ll be the envy of every Bat-fan at the comic shop. From DC:

From DC Collectibles, this authentic Batman replica utility belt is everything the Caped Crusader needs to fight crime. Featuring multiple pouches to hold all of your gadgets, this is truly a treasure for any Batman fan. This full size utility belt features eight pouches and a metallic logo buckle. Made of faux leather vinyl, this nonadjustable belt fits waist size 34 inches.

The belt ships on August 29th, 2014


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