Batman Fanfic of the Week, 'Gag Gift'

Welcome fellow Batman fans, to another Batman Fanfic of the Week! Since the first two fanfictions I posted about were extremely sad I thought it would be a nice change to feature a comedic story this week. Therefore this week’s story is a short fic called ‘Gag Gift’ by Mithen on Mithen summarizes her story:

Superman manages to take Batman by surprise.

‘Gag Gift’ is a short exchange between Batman and Superman on the Justice League Watchtower. Mithen is a very talented writer who knows her subjects well. You won’t find Batman, Superman, or any other character behaving out of character in a Mithen story. You can read ‘Gag Gift’ here. Mithen is a great Batman fanfic author and with her permission I will be featuring more of her stories in later weeks.

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