Jennifer Garner talks Affleck Batsuit

Jennifer Garner

Entertainment Tonight recently interviewed Jennifer Garner at the SAG awards about her husband Ben Affleck’s upcoming role as Batman in ‘Superman vs. Batman’. Raphael Chestang reported on after ET’s Rocsi Diaz spoke with miss Garner on the red carpet at the SAG’s. Here’s the clip of the interview:

ET’s Raphael Chestang had this to say about the interview:

With Jennifer Garner’s husband Ben Affleck taking on the role of Batman, Rocsi Diaz pressed the actress on the topic all the girls want to know — will he be bringing the suit into the bedroom?

“I don’t think I could get him out of the suit,” Garner joked on the SAG Awards red carpet, saying that the costume will probably stay on set.

Jennifer Garner claims that the new batsuit is a “total reinvention” and looks “unbelievably cool”.

I am getting tired of all the taunting, can we just get the reveal already? I want to see this new batsuit, sooner rather than later. I hope it’s not anatomically correct rubber this time around. I jest of course, that would not count as a total reinvention. It also just wouldn’t be appropriate for a serious film like ‘Superman vs. Batman’ is supposed to be.

In related news, is reporting that ‘Superman vs. Batman’ is to film in Detroit from April to December.

Earlier this week director Zack Snyder said that Batman vs. Superman would begin shooting in about a month, and now we have a more precise timeline. Henry Cavill News caught up with costume designer Michael Wilkinson, who revealed that he’ll be in Detroit from mid-April until December. That’s a very long shoot!

The full article, written by Chris Begley can be seen here. Rumors are that ‘Superman vs. Batman’ is to film at the same time as a Justice League movie, the rumor is supported of course by the long film shoot in Detroit for ‘Superman vs. Batman’. I would be so thrilled if the rumors are true and a Justice League movie would soon follow the much anticipated ‘Superman vs. Batman’ though I hold reservations about whether such a movie would really live up to want fans want. A full live action Justice League film is a much bigger undertaking than the Avengers film, simply because the heroes of the Justice League are so much bigger than the heroes of the Avengers. Keep checking back with Caped Crusades for more on the new batsuit and the rumors of the Justice League film, and all your Batman needs.

We want to hear from you! If like me you are tired of waiting for the reveal of the Affleck batsuit, we want to know. Leave us a comment with your opinion on the likely-hood of the Justice League film and whether or not it will be a success. Want more Batman? Subscribe to the newsletter; download the Fansided app for more Batman news!


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