Kevin Smith is Back on Batman, and I Can't Wait!

No matter what your thoughts on the Adam West headlined Batman show from 1966, it happened. It’s part of Batman lore and we have to acknowledge it. To that end, DC launched the ongoing comic series Batman ’66 last year.  It continues the famous TV show, takes it to new places, and quite frankly, its pretty good.

If you weren’t interested in it before, you may just be now. The geek impresario and host of Bat-podcast Fatman on Batman Kevin Smith has taken up writing duties on the quirky comic’s upcoming Green Hornet crossover in May on DC Digital sites.

From Smith’s Newsarama site:

Smith has written both Batman and Green Hornet before, adapting his own big-screen treatment for the latter for Dynamite, and writing two grim and violent Batman mini-series for DC. This series, however, is built around the tone of the ‘60s Batman TV show, and in fact acts as a sequel to a 1967 live-action crossover. They will face the now “General” Gumm, the same villain they faced together on TV (though with a promotion). The series will be drawn by Ty Templeton.

Smith also recently did an interview with USA Today about the project and had this to say:

 To be able to do it, man, it really does bring it full circle in a bucket-list kind of fashion.

If Kevin is excited, I’m excited. He goes on to say he hopes to one day turn this project into a live-action event. How awesome does that sound?

The comic launches May, 21st.


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