Cool Batman Swag!

If you’re not familiar with the indie-Aussie clothing company Blackmilk, you should check them out. They made a name for themselves by using photo-real images to print leggings, dresses and shirts, but became must-have for geeksters everywhere when they started landing merchandising licenses.

The clothier’s biggest hits were Star Wars, Dr. Who and Adventure Time, but there’s good news for Bat-fans out there! Check out some of their new awesome Batman swag!

From Blackmilk via Instagram:

The collection spans all eras of Batman comics, from Bob Kane, to Jim Aparo, Neal Adams to Brian Bolland, Jim Lee to the Kuberts.

If that’s not cool enough, they offer men’s and women’s clothing, which is rare.

















I am the Batman Swimsuit

For prices and other styles, go to Just follow the link, Bat-fans!

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