Batman Trivia #6

It’s Batman Trivia time once again. Yesterday I asked you for the month and year of the first issue of No Man’s Land, which came out March 1999. I also asked when the last issue of No Man’s Land was pulbished. No Man’s Land issue #80 was published November 1999.

Today’s question will be another easy one, in what issue did Jason Todd debut? When did that issue come out?  Hey I did say it was going to be easy, but this could lead into harder questions later on. I wasn’t really a fan of Jason Todd until I saw Under the Red Hood. I admit I hadn’t given the character a fair shake because Time Drake is so close to my heart, and I grew up incorrectly believing that there were only two Robins, Dick and Tim, from watching Batman the Animated Series and not reading the comics as a little girl. Check back with us tomorrow for the answer to this Batman Trivia question, and remember to visit Caped Crusades often for all your Batman needs.

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