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Welcome readers to another Batman Fanart of the Week! This week’s fanart is a lovely painting I found on and was painted by uniqueLegend. As soon as I saw this painting I knew I had to write about it and share it here on Caped Crusades. I love this painting, I love the colors used in it and I especially love the way uniqueLegend used the rose petals to represent Batman’s heart going out the the Colorado victims. See the way the red in the painting starts at his chest coming right from the heart. The artist had this to say about the piece.

By uniqueLegend

By uniqueLegend

An artwork for those who were tragically killed, harmed or scarred at the Batman premiere in Colorado.

A movie is a place where you can sit back, relax and to enjoy seeing something out of this world while having a good time with either friends or family. The fact that it has happened in a cinema has honestly shaken me.
Movie theatres are suppose to represent “great art”, from the visions and works of the director, actors, editors, performers, special effects team, camera operator, stunt coordinators and talented countless others where the audience can forget about reality for a certain amount of time to explore vast new fantasy worlds and to create personal connections with characters, magic and wonder, and much more within. For someone to walk in and open fire at innocent lives enjoying a film that many have been fans of for many years defies comprehension. It is absolutely shattering, and literally shocking.

I’ve made this for the Aurora community that has been torn apart by this event. It’s not much… I know.
But my prayers and condolences go out to everyone who has been affected by this.

It’s a beautiful sentiment and a beautiful painting. The piece is just so moving with Batman mostly in shadow and in profile, head bowed rose in hand. You can almost see the wind blowing the rose petals away from Batman. I simply can’t say enough good things about this painting and I am just so excited that uniqueLegend allowed me to share this wonderful painting with you all. Be sure to come back for more awesome Batman fanart every week.

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