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Awesome Batman Tattoos!

Greetings fellow Batman fans! I’m starting a new series of posts, this time featuring awesome Batman tattoos! I don’t know how frequent this series will be as that will depend on how often I get tattoos I can post about. I’m starting this series with my own Batman tattoo, which I got in 2012 at Iron Age Tattoo in St. Louis Mo. To me a tattoo is a permanent expression of your passion so it was only fitting that the first tattoo I got was a Batman one ( especially since I’m afraid of needles and hate pain so didn’t think I could ever get more than one). I wanted it to be somewhere I could easily see but also had to be somewhere I could easily cover with casual clothing. I thought about putting it high up on my shoulder but in the end it just had to be near my heart so I had it put above my left breast. I started with just the Batsymbol taken from Nolan’s Dark Knight series and added the cloud of five bats at a latter date. I was quite surprised at how well I tolerated the pain and I now have seven tattoos so far.

I have loved Batman for as long as I can remember and I started daydreaming of a Batman tattoo at the age of 13. It may seem odd that a 13 year old  girl would want a Batman tattoo but that is just the kind of girl I was, still am actually. I think this is a pretty awesome Batman tattoo but then I’m a little biased. It may not be the most intricate of Batman tattoos but I love it and it’s something I will never regret.

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