DC Tweets Batman/Superman Comic Spoilers

As a tease, DC recently tweeted out a short synopsis about the upcoming Superman/Batman #8.

Trust is hard for Batman, especially since Huntress has no counterpart in his universe he can compare her to. And she seems to know every secret in the Batcave! Can he trust the daughter he never had? And how does Huntress feel to see Bruce Wayne alive and well, when he no longer exists on her home world?

Meanwhile, Power Girl is struggling to keep from exploding from the surplus of power coursing through her. What did Kaizen Gamorra do to her that is causing this reaction? Superman needs to look past her resemblance to Supergirl and decide if an out-of-control Kryptonian is safe for anyone to be around!

This isn’t anything unusual for the Batman publisher, but if you read Superman/Batman this just may  pique your interest!

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