Upcoming Bat-books!

For those proud loyalists who still actually read comics, here’s a roundup of the next upcoming Batman and Batman-related books!

Batman/Superman Annual #1

BM_SM_ANNUAL_1_o7avzq7avw_(Writer) Greg Pak (Artist) Jae Lee, Ed Benes (Color Artist) Ed Benes

“It’s the first meeting of Supergirl and Red Hood, Steel and Supergirl and more as the competing Batman and Superman families must battle for the control of the missing Mongul’s fortress! And at the heart of it, Batman and Superman deal with their grief over their fallen comrades.”

$5.99. On sale 3/5





Detective Comics #29: Gothtopia

(Writer) John Layman (Art) Aaron Lopresti, Art Thibert (Color Artist) Guillem March

The stunning conclusion of “Gothtopia”! Batman discovers the terrifying secret behind this brave new world.DTC_Cv29_52a1084981e5b5.53191584
$3.99. On sale 3/5
Batwing #29
(Writer) Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti (Artist) Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira (Color Artist) Cameron Cooke
Gotham City has been invaded by an army of criminals sent from the Gotham Underground! Batwing must defend his home and BATWING_Cv29_52a10f7540fc59.08397625live through his first meeting with his most dangerous foe yet: Menace!
$3.99. On sale 3/5
Detective Comics #29 Combo Pack
(Writer) John Layman (Artist) Aaron Lopresti, Art Thibert (Color Artist) Guillem MarchDTC_Cv29_52a1084981e5b5.53191584
The stunning conclusion of “Gothtopia”! Batman discovers the terrifying secret behind this brave new world.
This issue is also offered as a combo pack edition with a redemption code for a digital download of this issue.
$4.99. On Sale 3/5
Harley Quinn: Welcome to Metropolis Trade Paperback
(Writer) Karl Kesel (Artist) Terry Dodson & Various (Color Artist) Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
In this new Harley collection, HQ heads to Metropolis with allies Poison Ivy and Bizarro in tow! Collecting HARLEY QUINN #14-25.
$19.99. On sale 3/5
Forever Evil: Arkham Horror #6
(Writer) Peter J. Tomasi (Artist) Scot Eaton, Jaime Mendoza (Color Artist) Jason FabokFEVIL_ARKW_Cv6_52a0d76c03c365.72109521
The final battle for Gotham City starts now! The Scarecrow has unleashed a mutated army of Arkham’s worst killers, and only Bane can stop them! It all leads into FOREVER EVIL #7!
$2.99. On sale 3/5
The Movement #10
(Writer) Gail Simone (Artist) Freddie E. Williams (Color Artist) Stéphane RouxMOVEM_Cv10_52a12286bf4d52.20828273
Guest-starring Batgirl! The Movement goes head to head with Batgirl over someone who’s using Coral City as a sanctuary! Then, the team heads to West Virginia to stop Michael the Blessed from killing his brother: The Movement’s own Burden!
$2.99. On sale 3/5
Scooby Doo Team-Up #3
(Writer) Sholly Fisch (Artist/Color Artist) Dario Brizuela
A magical imp is causing havoc in Gotham City, and the Dynamic Duo is looking for help from Scooby and the gang! But when Scooby_Doo_TU_3_52a118510a6ff9.17440583Scooby gets his own “greatest fan” from the Fifth Dimension, can even Batman, Robin, and Mystery Inc. outwit two unpredictable imps to deal with the spooky, magical hijinks of…Scooby-Mite?!
$2.99. On sale 3/5
Descriptions and images from the Diamond Distribution website PREVIEWSworld.com!

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