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Greetings Batman fans! My name is Amanda Chrisman and I am one of the new co-editors for Caped Crusades! I wanted to take to the time to introduce myself a little, since I will be taking over most of the posting on this site with my co-editor Skip Harvey. I will let Skip introduce himself as he sees fit. So a little background on myself then. I fell in love with Batman when I was about two years old. I cannot give an exact date for an exact event that started my obsession with the Bat, because I have loved him from my earliest memories.batman-tas By the time I was four I wanted to be Batman when I grew up, and even dressed as him for Halloween that year. Since then my love for all things Bat has only grown to the point that it involves all aspects of my life. I cook in a Batman apron and sleep in Batman pajamas. When I got married in 2010 I had a three-tier Batman wedding cake! My favorite Batman character, other than Bruce Wayne himself, has always been Tim Drake, Robin III. I was pretty young when Batman the Animated Series aired in the ’90s and it was this show that really shaped my love of the Dark Knight. Tim intrigued me from the very beginning, as the second Robin portrayed on Batman TAS. The shoes he had to fill were pretty large, Dick Grayson having made such an impact on fans. It wasn’t until I started researching more about Tim when I got older That I realized that he was not in fact the second boy wonder, but the third. Imagine my surprise to find that Jason Todd had been completely left out of the animated series, with the exception of his back story. Sadly Tim Drake’s own back story was ignored in favor of Jason Todd’s. I really fell in love with the brilliant Tim Drake when I learned of his true origins, and I probably love him so much because he reminds me so much of Bruce, while still being an individual. So that’s me in a nutshell, a dyed in the wool geek and a really devoted Batman fan. I’m dedicated to making this site the best it can be, giving all the Batman content you crave and more.

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