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Batman vs. Superman: Fake trailer trolls Jesse Eisenberg hard (Video)

Batman and Superman fans alike are trying to get used to the recent casting decisions made for the tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman. While Ben Affleck rubbed Batman fans the wrong way, Superman fans got a dose of that angst when Oscar nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Lex Luthor a few weeks ago.

The news is still settling in, but already we are seeing parodies pop up that troll Jesse Eisenberg for accepting the role in the film. The best example of this came from the folks at Screen Junkies, who cut together some of Eisenberg’s past roles and spliced them into a fake Batman vs. Superman trailer.

The results were hilarious.

It’s worth noting that when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, Superman fans did laugh a little at the Batman fans for having such a strange choice of casting. Around that time a fake trailer with Affleck clips showed up and actually made him look good in the role, where as when Superman fans got the casting shaft, they simply were trolled by Screen Junkies.

No one should laugh though, as Batman and Superman fans are in this horrible (or possibly perfect) casting situation together and we all need to hope for the best.


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